Christian Research Journal Vol 35 No 1 February 2012

10 Ten Urgent Questions and Answers about Origins by Hank Hanegraaff
A feature-length  Ask Hank kicks off this special origins-themed JOURNAL with answers to the “ten most urgent questions” on the “single most important apologetic issue”

16 Thinking Clearly about God and Evolution by Jay W. Richards
Is Darwinism an acceptable alternative for Christians?

20 Creation Accounts and Ancient Near Eastern Religions by John A Bloom and  C. John  Collins
Did the ancient Israelites simply borrow their creation beliefs from their neighbors?

26  Adam and Eve Redux by Ann Gauger
Have advances in DNA science rendered the existence of a literal Adam and Eve implausible?

30  Why Natural Selection Cannot Explain the Origin of Animal Development by Paul Nelson
We’re betting your biology,class never alerted you to these fundamental problems with the neo-Darwinian model

34  Unlocking the DNA Enigma by Stephen C. Meyer
If you think neo-Darwinism explains away the need for an intelligent designer in biology, take a closer look at the structure of the cell

36 Theology and Science: Converging on Reality by Garry DeWeese
How theologrelates to science is one of the most crucial questions society and the individual will ever ask

40 Letting Science, Not Rhetoric, Drive the Debate over Intelligent Design by Casey Luskin
It’s time for the defenders of Darwinism to stop trying to win the debate through ridicule and strong-arm tactics rather than through reasoned discourse

44  Junk DNA: Evidence for Evolution or Design? by Fazale Rana
Is the existence of noncoding (“junk”) DNA incompatible with God’s direct involvement in the origin of life?

46  Would Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Spell Doom for Christianity? by Guillermo Gonzalez
The recent discovery of 1,235 potentially Earth-like planets orbiting other stars has brought back to the fore the ancient questions of life beyond Earth and our
status in the universe

50  Young Earth-Old Earth: Debating the Geological Evidence by Steve Austin and Gregg Davidson and Kenn Wolgemuth
In a feature-length Viewpoint, a young-Earth geologist and two Old-Earth geologists present scientific evidence to support their respective views on the age of the Earth

58  Borderline Heretic: James Shapiro and His Twenty-First Century View of Evolution  by William A. Dembski
In a feature-length Summary Critique, a leading ID theorist shows just how far an evolutionist may deviate from orthodox Darwinism without suffering excommunication

Review and Expositor Vol 109 No 1 Feb 2012

Race: Continuing Models of Progress

First Words
11     First Words … Editorial  Introduction
By Emmanuel McCall,  Adjunct Professor of Urban Ministries,
McAfee School of Theology, Mercer  University. Atlanta, Georgia.
13     A Word From …
By Alan  Culpepper, Dean,  McAfee  School  of Theology,  Mercer
University, Atlanta, Georgia.
19     A Word About …
By LeAnn  Flescher  Snow,   Academic Dean  and  Professor of Old
Testament, American Baptist Seminary of the West at The Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley,  California, and  a member of  the Editorial  Board of Review & Expositor.

Thematic Words
25    Models for Separate Churches to Transition Their Ministries Together
By J.W. Wallis, Pastor,   East Point  First Baptist Church,  East Point,

31     Observations of a Passing Journey
By Randy A. Nabors, Pastor of New City Fellowship,   Chattanooga,

39    The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow:  Strategies for Cross­ Cultural Music and Worship
By Rev. James   C. Ward, Minister of Music, New City Fellowship
Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

51    One Student at a Time: The Hospitality of Multicultural
Theological Education
By Molly  T. Marshall, President of Central Baptist  Theological
Seminary, Shawnee, Kansas.

61    Current Baptist Initiatives in Arkansas
By Ray T. Higgins, Arkansas State Coordinator, Cooperative Baptist

67     Creating a Climate of Cultural Diversity in the Sunshine
By Raymond Johnson, the State Director of the Cooperative Baptist
Fellowship in Florida.

75    Ministering to the People of Oklahoma
By T. Thomas, former State Coordinator for the Cooperative Baptist
Fellowship of Oklahoma. He now pastors in France.

85    Building a Multi-Cultural Organization in Texas
By Rick McClatchy, the State  Coordinator of Cooperative Baptist
Fellowship  of Texas.

95    We Must Love Again!
By Gerald  Durley,  Pastor  of the  Providence Missionary Baptist
Church, Atlanta, Georgia.

105    Baptists Against Racism and Ethnic Conflict … Worldwide!
By Denton  Lotz, former  General  Secretary of the Baptist  World Alliance.

119    Select Bibliography on Race and Documentaries

Words About Recent Books
131     Edited  by Robert R. Ellis, Associate  Dean  and  Phillips  Professor  of Hebrew and  Old Testament, Logsdon School of Theology, Hardin­ Simmons University,  Abilene, Texas.

147     Books Received
Books Reviewed

Novum Testamentum Vol 54 No 1 2012

An Examination of Ehrman’s Case for ργισθείς in Mark 1:41
pp. 1-12(12)
Author: Williams, Peter J.

Luke and the Septuagint
pp. 13-15(3)
Author: Muraoka, Takamitsu

Luke 2:22, Leviticus 12, and Parturient Impurity
pp. 16-29(14)
Author: Thiessen, Matthew

Reading γραψα in 2 Corinthians 2:9 as an Epistolary Aorist
pp. 50-67(18)
Author: Stegman, Thomas D.

Crucifixion as Spectacle in Roman Campania
pp. 68-100(33)
Author: Cook, John Granger

Darrell L. Bock, Robert L. Webb (eds.), Key Events in the Life of the Historical Jesus: A Collaborative Exploration of Context and Coherence. WUNT 247 (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2009), xvii + 931 pp. Cloth. ISBN 978-3-16-150144-9. 189 €
pp. 101-102(2)
Author: Stenschke, Christoph

Adelbert Denaux and Rita Corstjens in collaboration with Hellen Mardega, The Vocabulary of Luke: An Alphabetical Presentation and a Survey of Characteristic and Noteworthy Words and Word Groups in Luke’s Gospel lxvi + 655pp. (Leuven: Peeters, 2009) ISBN 9042923485 (= Biblical Tools and Studies 10) € 84.
pp. 103-104(2)
Author: Elliott, J.K.

New Yorker February 27, 2012

Dorothy Wickenden on populist Obama; Time Warner’s Linsanity; teaching Bjork

Kelefo Sanneh    28 THE POLITICAL SCENE
Party Crasher
What does Ron Paul really want?
Calvin Trillin      38 SHOUTS &  MURMURS
Three Scenes Inspired by the Gingrich Campaign
Julia Joffe    40 A REPORTER AT LARGE
The Master and Mikhail
Putin and the billionaire candidate.
Beware of the Dogs
The rise of the post-9/11 canine units.
Jon Lee Anderson    58 LETTER FROM SYRIA
The Implosion
A report from rebel strongholds.
Thomas McGuane    68 FICTION
“A Prairie Girl”
David Denby    74 A CRITIC AT LARGE
“The Artist” and the art of silent actin
Hilton Als     79 THE THEATRE
Athol Fugard’s South Africa.
James Wood.  82 Edward St. Aubyn’s “At Last.”
85 Briefly Noted
Anthony Lane    86 THE CURRENT CINEMA
“This Means  War,” “Bullhead”
Rita Dove    43 “The Spring Cricket Considers the
Question of Negritude”
John Ashbery    52 “More Reluctant”

American Journal of Health Education Vol 42 No 6 Nov/Dec 2011

Changing of the Guard
Robert F. McDermott………………………………………..320

The School Health Education
Study + 50 Years- What it looked like Behind the Scenes:
An Interview with Gus T. Dalis,EdD
Robert f. McDermott………………………………………..322

The School Health Education
Study+ 50 Years: Scholars’ Reflections on its Impact and legacy
Robert F. McDermott, Alyssa B. Mayer
and The School Health Education Study
Fifty-Year Reflection Group ……………………………… 330

Feature Article
Health Education: Always Approved but Still Not Always on Schools’ Radar Alyssa B. Mayer, Becky f. Smith,
and Robert f. McDermott………………………………….349

*Self-study Questions for Continuing Education….360

2011 Indices
Index of Titles …………………………………………….. 362
Index of Authors………………………………………… 365
Index of Reviewers…………………………………….. 366

Guidelines for Authors…………………………………………….368

Journal of Evangelism and Missions Vol 10 Spring 2011

1.  Evangelistic Methods That Grow Churches by Jere Phillips
11.  An Analysis of Organic Churches and Their Current Views on Conversion by Bob Whitesel
25.   SBC Decline in Baptisms by Will McRaney
39.   Mass-Evangelism and Disciple-Making by Mike McGinnis
49.   McGavran, The Great Commission, and Evangelism by Michael W Waldrop
59.   The Local Church and Mission Volunteers by Stan May
69.   Taking Risk in Dangerous Places-How Much is too Much? by Gordon  Fort
79.   Finishing the Task by Clyde Meador
87.   My Word Will Not Return Void by Matthew Akers
97.   Southern Baptist Missions and the Search for the Meaning of “Church” by Jeff Walters
113. The Believer and Spiritual Warfare by Wade Akins
125.  Book Reviews

Social Education Vol 75 No 6 Nov/Dec 2011

Teaching Difficult Topics with Primary Sources
The featured documents illustrate the value of primary sources as points of entry into challenging subjects.

“I Didn’t Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier:” Ideas and Strategies for Using Music from the National Jukebox to Teach Difficult Topics in History
As a favored outlet for self-expression, music is a valuable classroom resource for addressing complex topics such as different perspectives on war.

Memory of a Nation: Effectively Using Artworks to Teach about the
Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
Artwork, such as the featured pieces related to the Kennedy assassination, can teach students both content and core historical thinking skills.

Hear My Voice! Teaching Difficult Subjects with Graphic Organizers
A well-designed graphic organizer combined with original documents can help students tackle issues of racism, segregation, and civil unrest.

Confronting Stereotypes
Primary-source documents can provide students with fresh perspectives on topics often laden with stereotypes-such as the issue of Native Americans and treaty rights.

Dealing with Disaster through Compassionate Giving:  San Francisco
Earthquake Survivors Write to President Theodore Roosevelt, January 3, 1909
The featured letter from a San Francisco couple seeking to help earthquake victims in Italy can serve as a jumping off point into the study of natural disasters and emergency relief efforts.