TOC-Journal of Psychology and Theology

Journal of Psychology and Theology: An Evangelical Forum for the Integration of Psychology and Theology
Winter 2011, Vol 39 No. 4


295     Integrative Perspectives on Human  Flourishing:
The Imago Dei and Positive Psychology
David N. Entwistle and Stephen K. Moroney

304     “If I Tell Others about My Anger toward God,
How Will They Respond?” Predictors, Associated Behaviors, and
Outcomes in an Adult Sample
julie]. Exline and joshua B. Grubbs

316     Forgiveness and Attachment:A Link That Survives the Grave?
Elizabeth A. Gassin and Gregory]. Lengel

330     Beliefs and Practices of Christian Psychotherapists Regarding
Non-Sexual Multiple Relationships
Randolph K. Sanders,John Eric Swenson III, and Gregory R. Schneller

345    Because God  said So:Religious  Facets of Sexual and Gender
Harassment in.Christian Academia
Kristen Eliason, M.Elizabeth Hall,and Tamara L. Anderson

356    An Initial Christian Counselor Internship Program for Ukraine
Dennis 0. Bowen

364    Journal File
369     Featured Review


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