Christian Counseling Today Vol 19 No 1

13  The Critical Point  of Decision: CareNet
by Melinda Delahoyde.  The number of women who consider abortion  in a crisis pregnancy is staggering. Although  the task is great, the passion of those at Care Net who seek to offer assistance in choosing life is even greater. Care Net President, Melinda Delahoyde, outlines the practical and spiritual support  and resources that are available through  the 1,100 Care Net Crisis pregnancy centers across the nation.

16  What the Bible Says About the Unborn
by Chuck Swindoll. Pastor, teacher and author, Chuck Swindall, looks at the sacred and precious value of each created person, from conception  to birth, as seen in God’s eyes. Through the integration of scriptural truths found in God’s Word, the miracle and sanctity of human  life are examined and celebrated.

23  Abortion in America by Alan  Sears. The United States has a sad legacy and a growing national scar on our Judea-Christian heritage with abortion  mills continuing  to devalue human life. As President of the Alliance Defense Fund, attorney, Alan Sears, reviews the implications of the Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court  in 1973, as well as recent legislative victories.

26  Abortion and the Black Community
by Rev. Dean Nelson and Alveda King. Abortion  within the African-American community has reached near epidemic proportions,  representing 43% of all pregnancies among black women. The overwhelming and disproportionate numbers are beginning  to attract the attention  of many. Rev. Dean Nelson and Alveda King share the hard facts and a call to action.

32 Creating a Safe Place for Abortion Recovery
by Linda  Cochrane. The  need for effective intervention regarding post abortion  grief and trauma is becoming increasingly evident in the work of many counselors. Linda Cochrane  provides a helpful protocol that includes active listening, the therapeutic impact of clients telling their “stories,” giving permission to grieve, and working through areas of forgiveness and reconciliation.

37  Pro-life  vs. Pro-choice: The Heart  of the Debate
by Randy Alcorn. New York Times best-selling author, Randy Alcorn, tackles the key elements that have stirred passions and subsequent action as part of the
national  “conversation” for decades. Using sound  theological principles, he acknowledges the miracle of life in a mother’s womb, where every child is wanted  in God’s eyes.

41  Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Pregnancy Options Counseling
by ]eanneane Maxon. For those who work directly in the arena of crisis pregnancy, attorney Jeanneane  Maxon offers sound  and wise guidance to help
counselors and caregivers stay informed  regarding the limits of the law. Information accuracy, avoidance of undue emotional distress, understanding relevant statutes, and strategies to reduce liability are all discussed.

46  Help! My Daughter’s Pregnant
by Nancy Williams. As the title suggests, an unplanned pregnancy often produces fear, anxiety, and can create an immediate
crisis. How, then, should a Christian  parent appropriately respond? Nancy Williams addresses the dilemma and its implications  with compassion and from a sound  biblical viewpoint.

51  The Pain of Fatherhood Lost by Abortion
by Warren  Williams. While much of the attention over abortion is focused on the woman  who typically makes the decision, the forgotten  individual is often the father who may be on the sidelines. Warren Williams reveals the pervasive sense of loss, pain, and grief that men can also experience, as well as practical ways to care for their tangible and spiritual  needs.

53 Abortion: The Hard Cases-Rape, Incest and the Life of the Mother
by Sandy Christiansen. While most people of faith rightly respect the dignity and
sanctity of life, others honestly wrestle with some of the tougher  moral dilemmas in the broader abortion  debate. Using vignettes taken from the lives of those who have been impacted,  Sandy Christiansen shares her insights
from a physician’s vantage point.


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