Christian Scholars Review Vol XLI No 2 2012


117 JACK MULDER, JR.,  Why More Christians  Should Believe in Mary’s Im­
maculate Conception
135  RICHARD K. OLSEN  AND Jmm W. MORGAN, A Dialectical Perspective
on Communication and Ethical Reasoning
147 DAN PINKSTON, U2 and Igor Stravinsky: Textures, Timbres, and the Devil
163 MARY  E. QUINN, LAURA  S. FooTE, AND  MICHELE  L. WILLIAMS, Integrating  a Biblical World view and Developing Online Courses for the Adult Learner
175    BENJAMIN B. DEVAN, Allah: A Christian Response
187    MIROSLAV VOLF, Response to DeVan’s  Review  Essay of Allah: A Christian Response

193    JORDAN J. BALLOR,  Natural Law and Protestantism

211    ALEXANDER W. ASTIN, HELEN S. ASTIN, AND JENNIFER A LINDHOLM, Cultivating the Spirit: How College Can Enhance Students’ Inner Lives
Reviewed by David Guthrie
214    SIMON LEVAY, Gay, Straight, and the Reason Why: The Science of Sexual Orientation
Reviewed by Stanton L. Jones
217    BEN WITHERINGTON III, Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor
Reviewed by Casey Shutt .
219    NANCY MARIE BROWN,  The Abacus and the Cross: The Story of the Pope Who Brought the Light of Science to the Dark Ages
Reviewed by Robert Bishop and John and Madeleine Mcintyre
222    JOHN FEA, JAY GREEN, AND ERIC MILLER, EDS.,  Confessing History: Explorations in Chris­tian Faith and the Historian’s Vocation
Reviewed  by William C. Ringenberg
225    JACQUES ELLUL, On Freedom, Love, and Power
Reviewed  by Ken Badley
227 ALAN  JACOBS, The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction
Reviewed  by Carissa Turner Smith


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