English Journal Vol 101 No 3 January 2012

10   Call for Manuscripts
13   From the Editor  Ken Lindblom
16   From the Secondary Section
Still Battling the Surf: Teaching English after 100 Years
Christian Z. Goering


8   A Gallery of EJ Covers, 1912-2011

19   An English Journal Article That Made a Difference: A Forum
Compiled by Don Zancanella
24   Editor’s Retrospective
Stephen N. Tchudi, EJ Editor, 1973-80
26   James Moffett’s Legacy to English Journal
Elizabeth Spalding, Damian C. Koshnick, and Miles Myers
34   Editors’ Retrospective
Aileen Pace Nilsen and Kenneth Donelson, EJ Coeditors, 1980-87
36   Debates from the Past, Conversations about Our Future: Exploring the Early Issues of English Journal
Ashley J. Holmes
42    Editors’ Retrospective
Ben F. Nelms, EJ Editor, and Elizabeth Donnell Nelms, EJ Associate Editor,
45    Rereading English’s Past and Present through English Journal,
1912 and 2012
Jory Brass
50   Production Editor’s Retrosp ctive
Rona Smith, EJ Production Editor 1989-Present
52   “A Richer, Not a Narrower, Aesthetic”: The Rise of New Criticism
in English Journal
P. L. Thomas
58   Editor’s Retrospective
Leila Christenbury, EJ Editor, 1994-98
60   “What’s  Past Is Prologue”: English Journal Roots of a Performance-Based
Approach to Teaching Shakespeare
Joseph Haughey
66   Editor’s Retrospective
Virginia R. Monseau, EJ Editor, 1998-2003
68   Same as It Ever Was: Enacting the Promise of Teaching, Writing, and New Media
Troy Hicks, Carl A. Young, Sara Kajder, and Bud Hunt
75   Editor’s Retrospective
Louann Reid, EJ Editor, 2003-08
77   Constructions of Students in English Journalfrom 1970 to the Present
Katie Greene and Peggy Albers
84   Editor’s Retrospective
Ken Lindblom, EJ Editor, 2008-13
86   Mentoring Matters
Open Support and Open Space
Ryan Dippre
89   Research for the Classroom
Becoming Self-Editors: Using Metacognition  to Improve Students’
Grammar Knowledge
Jill Annable
92   Success with ELLs
Make Room for Our Voices: Using Poetry in Professional Development
for Secondary ESL and ELA Teachers
Amanda Nicole Gulla


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