Leadership Winter 2012

20-The Soul of Steve Jobs: What would it have taken to reach the Apple founder’s core?
by Gordon MacDonald

24-0utlooks on Outreach Can one church handle two generations’ attitudes toward evangelism and service?
An interview with James and Jonathan Merritt

29-Rod & Reel, or Net? What it means to catch in community.
by Robert Crosby

32-Transforming Service How do your service efforts introduce people to Jesus?

36-Road to Recovery: How one church was transformed by reaching  out to neighbors with addictions.
by Brandon O’Brien

41-Acting Like Jesus
An unlikely  theatrical role enabled me to connect  with unbelievers.
by Syler Thomas

45-Know Your Neighbors? A simple tool is helping  churches in Arvada, Colorado, know and love their  neighbors.
by Matt Branaugh

49-View from the Second Story Community partnerships are bringing transformation to unlikely  places.
by Paul Pastor

52-Shedding Lethargy: What it takes to move people beyond complacency to follow Christ.
by Richard Stearns

70-How a near-fatal climbing accident  forced me to  …. rethink ministry and the rest of my life.
by Nathan Conrad, as told to Matt Woodley

76-The2011 Leadership Journal Book Awards

78-Ministry Meltdown When ministry turns you into a monster, the answer is not to suck it up and work harder.
by Bob Merdtt

85-Epic Fail
How can pastors be encouraged to embrace their  failures and redefine ministry success?
by J.R. Briggs


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