Psychology Today Vol 45 No 1 January/February 2012

[P56]Are You With The Right Mate?
Sooner or later, you will roll over in bed, look at your partner, and conclude you made a terrible mistake. It’s true that some people make bad partners, but most often the doubts are normal-even necessary­and a signal for you, and your relationship, to grow.

[P66]The Boom and Bust Ego
Self­ esteem has had dramatic ups and downs in our culture over the past four decades. Here’s the latest thinking on how to like yourself.*

[P74]How to Save Your Brain
Dementia is a devastating condition for many. But starting right now, you can make changes to your lifestyle that will help prevent mental decline.*

[P80] Deadly Mind Traps
A drive in the country, a hike with friends:How could such simple pursuits end in tragedy? Five cognitive slips that all of us make turn out to be killjoys, or even killers.


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