The Journal of the Ancient Near East Vol 32

Pierre Auffret        “Et  toi, tu as enleve lafaute de man peche”: Nouvelle etude structurelle du Psaume 32

Michael Avioz     The Names Mephibosheth  and Ishbosheth  Reconsidered     11

Noga Ayali-Darshan    A Redundancy  in Nebuchadnezzar  15 and Its
Literary Historical  Significance     21

Ohad Cohen        The Sequential  Forms in Biblical Hebrew: An
Illustration  from the Marginal     31

Ruth Fidler        “Here  Comes This Dreamer”  (Genesis 37:19): Towards a Dreams/Dreamers Typology in the Hebrew Bible     51

Matthew Morgenstern     The Mandaic Magic Bowl Dehays 63: An Unpublished  Parallel to BM117872 (Segal 079A)     73

Adina Moshavi        Rhetorical  Question or Assertion?  The Pragmatics
of     in Biblical Hebrew     91

T. Oshima        A Forgotten Royal Hymn to Marduk and Its Historical  Background     107

Yael Shemesh Jephthah-Victimizer and Victim: A Comparison  of Jephthah and Characters  in Genesis     117

Steven Shnider     Some Comments on W  Horowitz,  “A  Late Babylonian  Tablet with Concentric  Circles”     133

Filip Vukosavovic    Sumerian gi-lam and igi-tab     139

Tamar Zewi        Is There a waw al-ma’iyyah in Biblical Hebrew?     145


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