Filologia Neotestamentaria No 43 Vol 23 2010

Joost Smit Sibinga, From Anointing to Arrest. Some Observations on the
Composition of Mark 14:1-52

Jacob Thiessen. Zorndemonstration Gottes mit Heilsabsicht? Zur Problematik der Syntax und der Bedeutung von Romer 9,22-23

Paul Himes, The Use of the Aorist Imperative in the Pastoral Epistles

Iwan M. Whiteley, Zechariah,  Reference and the Structure of Revelation 6-8:1

Paul Danove, The Interpretation and Translation of Verbs of “Giving” in the New Testament

Francis G. H. Pang, Aspect, Aktionsart, and Abduction: Future Tense in the New Testament

Stephen H. Levinsohn, Aspect and Prominence in the Synoptic Accounts of Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem

Josep Rius-Camps – Jenny Read-Heimerdinger, The Variant Readings of the
Western Text of the Acts of the Apostles (XXII) (Acts14:28-15:41)

Andrie Du Toit, Focusing on Paul: Persuasion and Theological Design in Romans  and Galatians. F. Jeremy Hultin, The  Ethics of Obscene Speech in Early Christianity and its Environment; Ray Pritz, The Works of Their Hands: Man-made Things  in  the  Bible; David  W. Chapman,  Ancient Jewish and  Christian  Perceptions of
Crucifixion;  Ksenija Magda, Paul’s Territoriality and Mission Strategy: Searching for the Geographical Awareness Paradigm Behind Romans; RogerS. Bagnall (ed.). The Oxford Handbook of Papyrology; Martin  Hengel Studien  zum  Urchristentum: Kleine Schriften VI; Werner Eck, Rom und Judaea: Funf Vortriige zur romischen. Herrschaft in Palastina (Christoph Stenschke).





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