Journal of Biblical Literature Vol 30 No 4 Winter 2011

Echoes of Gilgamesh in the Jacob Story                625-642
Esther J Hamori

The Origin and Interpretation  of sara’at in Leviticus 13-14    643-662
Joel S. Baden and Candida R. Moss

Lions, Serpents, and Lion-Serpents in Job 28:8 and Beyond    663-686
Scott C. Jones

The History and Linguistic Background ofTwo            687-705
Hebrew Tides for the High Priest
Noam Mizrahi

Paul, the Goddess Religions, and Queer Sects: Romans 1:23-28    707-728
]eramy Townsley

An Unworthy Foe: Heroic EON, Trickery, and an Insult in Ephesians 6:11    729-748
Jeffrey R. Asher

The Usefulness of an Onesimus: The Sexual Use of Slaves and Paul’s Letter to    Philemon                                                                                                     749-770
Joseph A. Marchal

Were the  Early Christians Sectarians?                    771-793
Eyal Regev

Apocalypticism or Prophecy and the Problem            795-817
of Polyvalence: Lessons from the Gospel of Thomas
Stephen J. Patterson


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