Journal of Creation Vol 25 No 3 Winter 2011

3        Vitamin B12-evidence of design
John McEwan
4     How does andesite lava originate in the earth?
Michael  J. Oard
6     Where is Noah’s Ark?-a closer look  at the biblical clues
D. Russell  Humphreys
8    The diminishing returns of beneficial mutations
Shoun Doyle
11     Extinction  of the human male
David White
13     The K/T impact hypothesis and secular neocatastrophism-why is this  important to  Flood  geology?
Carl  R. Froede  Jr
15     Taxonomic manipulations likely common
Michael  J. Oard

18     The frightful level  of thought control in American academia
John Woodmorappe
A review  of Free to Think:  Why Scientific Integrity Matters
by Dr Caroline Crocker
21         Intelligent random design-a great oxymoron
.Jerry Bergman
A review of Random Designer: Created from Chaos to Connect with the  Creator
by Richard G. Colling
23     The  junk  DNA myth  takes a well-deserved hit
Jeffrey Tomkins
A review  of The Myth of Junk DNA
by Jonathan Wells
27     Natural selection-evolution’s  phantom mechanism
Jean K. Lightner
A review  of What Darwin Got Wrong
by Jerry Fodor and Massimo  Piattelli-Palmarini
30     The totalitarian intolerance of the  New
Dominic Statham
A review  of The Rage Against God
by Peter Hitchens

33     The tragic toll  of toxic teaching
Jerry Bergman
A review  of Saving Darwin: How  to be a Christian
and Believe  in Evolution
by Karl W. Giberso

37     Misunderstanding creation
AndrewS. Kulikovsky
A review  of Holman QuickSource TM   Guide  to
Understanding Creation
by Mark  Whorton and Hill Roberts


42     ‘Transitional form’  in mammal ear evolution-more cacophony
Shaun Doyle

46     Modem science in creationist thinking
John Hartnett

48     Was Jerusalem the Kadesh of Thutmose III’s
1st  Asiatic  campaign?-topographic and petrographic evidence
Patrick Clarke

56     The Anisotropic Synchrony Convention model as a solution to the creationist starlight-travel time problem
John Hartnett

63    C. Everett  Koop-Christian and Darwin doubter
Jerry Bergman

68         Retreating Stage formation of gravel sheets in south-central Asia
Michael J. Oard

74     The  origin of the Carboniferous coal measures-part 3: a mathematical test of lycopod root structure
Joanna F. Woolley

79     A review of selected features of the family Canidae with reference to  its fundamental taxonomic status
Barnabas Pendragon

89     Countering revisionism-part 1: Ernst Haeckel, fraud is proven
E. van Niekerk

96     Selection for  a behavior, and the phenotypic traits that follow
Jean K.   Lightner
102    The  proportion of  polypeptide chains which generate native folds-part 3: designed secondary structures
Royal Truman

106    The  proportion of polypeptide chains which generate native folds-part 4: reusing existing secondary sequences
Royal Truman
109     Does observational evidence indicate the universe is expanding?-part 1: the case for  time dilation
John Hartnett

115   Does observational evidence indicate the universe is expanding?-part 2: the case against expansion
John Hartnett

121     Science and rationality
Barry R. Harker


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