Journal of Theological Interpretation Vol 5 No 2 Fall 2011


The Question for the Historical Leviathan: Truth and Method in Biblical Studies
Raymond C. Van Leeuwen

Rethinking “History” for Theological Interpretation
Joel B. Green

Linear and Participatory History: Augustine’s City of God
Matthew Levering

Scripture and the Church: a Precis for an Alternative Analogy
Daniel Castelo and Robert W. Wall

Paul Ricoeur and the Hypoethesis of the Text in Theological Interpretation
Thomas Andrew Bennett

On Original Sin and the Scandalous Nature of Existence
James A. Andrews

What Would Elijah and Elisha Do? Internarrativity in Luke’s Story of Jesus
Jonathan Huddleston

Abraham and the Reformation: Romans 4 and the Theological Interpretation of Aquinas and Calvin
Charles Raith II



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