New Testament Studies Vol 58 No 1 Jan 2012

Alan Kirk
Orality Writing and Phantom Sources
Appeals to Ancient Media to Some Recent Challenges to the  Two Document Hypothesis

Mogens Muller
Bundesideologie im Matthausevangelium. Die Vorstellung vom
neuen Bund als Grundlage der matthaischen Gesetzesverkundigung

Robert E. Moses
Jesus Barabbas, a Nominal Messiah? Text and History in Matthew 27.16-17

James G. Crossley Halakah and Mark 7.3: ‘with the hand in the shape of a fist’

Gudrun Nassauer
Gegenwart des Abwesenden. Eidetische Christologie in Lk 1.39-45

Scott D. Mackie
Ancient Jewish Mystical Motifs in Hebrews’ Theology of Access and Entry Exhortations

Peter-Ben SMith
A Symposiastic Background to James?

David G. Horrell
‘Race’, ‘Nation’, ‘People’: Ethnic Identity-Construction in 1 Peter 2.9

Short Study
Natahn Eubank
Almsgiving is ‘the Commandment’: A Note on 1 Timothy 6.6-19


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