Review & Expositor Vol 108 No 4 Fall 2011

Race: Foundations and Reflections

First Words

487    First Words … Editorial Introduction
By Emmanuel McCall, Adjunct Professor of Urban Ministries at the
McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University. Atlanta, Georgia.

491A Word From …
By Bill J. Leonard, Professor of Church  History, School of Divinity, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

A Word About … Racism and the Church
By Gerald L. Keown, Professor of Old Testament Interpretation, M. Christoper White  School of Divinity,  Gardner-Webb University, Boiling Springs, North Carolina, and a member of the Review & Expositor Editorial Board.

A Word About …Finding Beauty When We Look Beyond the Surface
By Sara Powell, a  member  of the board  of directors  of the J3aptist Center for Ethics freelance  writer,  and former  moderator of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia.

Thematic Words
509 A Theology of Power, or a Lack Thereof
By William M. Tillman, Jr., T. B. Maston Professor of Christian Ethics, Logsdon School of Theology, Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene, Texas.

519 A Biblical Approach to Hospitality
By Matthew Carroll, a student at McAfee School of Theology, Mercer
University, Atlanta, Georgia.

527 The Ethics of Tourism
By Deonie Duncan, a pastor in Jamaica.

537 Excitement  in  Nova  Scotia:  Beyond  Racism  and  White Privilege
By Harry  Gardner, President, Acadia  Divinity  College,  Dean  of
Theology, Acadia University, Nova Scotia; and Lois Mitchell, Director of Public Witness, Convention  of Atlantic Baptist Churches, Nova

545 When Two Churches Became One
By Lincoln Bingham, Senior Pastor, St. Paul Baptist Church Shively-
Heights, Louisville, Kentucky.

 Expository Words
559    Achieving Racial Reconciliation in the Twenty-First Century: The Real Test for the Christian Church
By Gerald  Thomas, Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church  in Plainfield,
New Jersey.

575     The Problem with Privilege on a Planet Prone to Prejudice:
An Expositip of Luke 14:15-24
By Warren H. S wart, Sr., Senior Pastor of First Institutional Baptist
Church in Phoenix, Arizona.

579    Coloring Outside the Lines: Acts 11:1-18
By David E. Goatley, Executive Director of the Lott Carey Foreign
Mission Convention  in Washington, D.C.

585     Neither Gerizim Nor Zion: Worship Beyond Race (John 4:1-42)
By Emmanuel McCall, Adjunct Professor of Urban Ministries at the McAfee School
of Theology, Mercer University, Atlanta, Georgia.

593     Select Bibliography on Race and Documentaries

Words About Recent Books
605    Edited by Robert R. Ellis, Associate Dean and Phillips Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament, Logsdon School of Theology, Hardin- Simmons University, Abilene, Texas.

619 Books Received
Books Reviewed
Annual  Index


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