The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology Vol 15 No 3 Fall 2011


2 Editorial: Stephen]. Wellum
Recovering the Message of Ecclesiastes for the Church Today

4  Jason S. DeRouchie
Shepherding Wind  and One Wise Shepherd: Grasping for Breath in Ecclesiastes

26 A. B. Caneday
“Everything Is Vapor”: Grasping for Meaning Under the Sun

42  Graeme Goldsworthy
Wisdom and its Literature in Biblical-Theological Context

56  Sidney Greidanus
How to Preach Christ from Ecclesiastes

62 Brian Borgman
Redeeming the,”Problem Child”: Qoheleth’s Message and Place in the
Family of Scripture

72  Lee Tankersley
Sermon: Living All of Life Unto God (Ecclesiastes 1-2)

78  Book Reviews


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