YouthWorker Journal January/February 2012

Loving God
4    Youth Culture Update
Antidepressants; TV profanity; Barna says some
churches  push kids to leave church; does true love really wait?
7    Culture Watch
From  Athens  to Main Street: The Seven Steps of Engaging Culture
10     Middle School Ministry
Gut Check: Can I Say Farewell to Middle Schoolers?
Mark Oestreicher
11    Soul Care with  It?
Caught  Between   Two Theologies Many Leaders  Preach Grace but  Live Judgment
By Larry Magnuson
12    Worldview Snapshot of Youth Ministry in Israel and Palestine
By Jon Huckins
14    Managing Your Ministry: Engaging the Quiet Kids in God’s  Word
By Syler Thomas
15    10 Minutes in God’s Word: New Year’s De-Cluttering with Colossians
by Barry Shafer

27   Higher Love:
The YWJ Roundtable on Loving God
What  does it mean to love God, and how  can youth workers help kids  do it? We asked Mark Matlock, Lilly Lewin, Neely  McQueen  and Fred Edie.
By Jennifer Bradbury

30 Small Groups, Big Impacts
The Power  of Studying God’s Word  Together  in Small Groups
By Kelly Soifer

33 God Loved Us First A Group  Study  on John 3:16
By Les Christie and David P. Nystrom

34 From Control to Communication
God Desires Our Love and Companionship
By Skye Jethani

38 Loving God in Your Own Language
A Group  Study  Using  Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages of Teenagers By Kimberly Davidson

40 Worship Like You Mean It:
Revisiting the YWJ lnterviee with Robert Webber and
Sally Morgenthaler

42 Owning It: Helping Kids Experience Love for God and Neighbors
By Nate Stratman

44 Confessions of a Former Spiritual Abuser
Do well-meaning youth pastors  with good intention abuse their  kids?
By Don Perini

Our reviewers pick
2011’s “Best of the Best,” Mark DeVries and Jeff Dunn-Rankin on The Indispensable Youth Pastor, new books
by Chuck Bomar  and Group’s Rick Lawrence.

56 Stirring It Up
What’s  Love Got to Do with It
by Marv Penner


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