Evangelical Missions Quarterly Vol 48 No 1 January 2012

The Missionary as Cultural Pilgrim
By Marcus Dean
Being a cultural pilgrim may be the best way to live on this earth, since it reminds us that we belong to God, not to a particular culture.

16     Holistic Discipleship: Integrating Community Development in the Discipleship Process
By Jay Moon
In holistic discipleship, the ultimate God addresses intimate needs in ordinary areas of life; areas of “non-poor” poverty are exposed; and disciple­ makers consider the community growth process from relief to sustainability.

26     Asking Tough Questions: What Really Happens When We Train Leaders
By Craig Parro
Difficult, thoughtful  questions can become tools to help us observe “the evidences of the grace of God.”

Transforming Worldview through Song
By Wendy Atkins
Atkins shares how music can be used to confront issues within a believer’s worldview.

46     Teaching outside the Classroom: The Power of Relationship
By Mike Nichols
After describing his own experience in teaching and mentoring in different contexts, Nichols shares ideas for developing the student-teacher relationship
outside of the classroom.

54     Cultural Anthropology to Modern Missions
By Anne Blythe
Cultural anthropology can and should be harnessed as a necessary and practical aid for the task of knowing  the soils of individual people within cul­tures and sub-cultures.

62     Lean on Me (Part 1): The Problem of Dependency
By Daniel Rickett
As the first of two articles on the dependency/ interdependency debate, Rickett presents the main views of Glenn Schwartz and John Rowell.

72     MK Education Consultants: Keeping Families on the Field
By Melissa Shipman
Shipman gives an overview of why education consultants are vital to missionary families around the world. She includes key characteristics consultants must display.

80     Contextualization of Essential Christianity: Three Points
By Charles H. Kraft
The essence of Christianity does not lie in the religious structures that are so obvious, but in something deeper which Kraft shares using three characteristics.

90  Point/Counterpoint. Point: A Muslim-born Pastor’s Response to a 2009 Insider’s  Conference by Jonathan McNeil.
Counterpoint: Asking  Questions: A Response to Jonathan McNeil by Kevin Higgins


4     A Second Look: John Stott Finishes His Race
By Gary Corwin
6      Perspectives: “Messing Up” Missionary Endeavors: Celebrating Roland Allen’s Missionary Methods
By J. D. Payne
104    Going Forward Together: Merging the Leading North American Mission Associations
By Marvin J. Newell and Steve Moore
106    The Tension.between Reaching and Teaching
By Darren Carlson
109    Helping Women Thrive: A Key Component of a Healthy Team Approach
By Lorrie Lindgren
114    Book Reviews


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