Counseling Today Feb 2012

A calming presence
By Lynne Shallcross
In a post-9111 world, disaster response and crisis counseling have become essential areas of knowledge and skill for all professional counselors. But in the immediate aftermath  of a tragedy, it is meeting clients’ basic needs and offering a sense of safety and stabilization-not providing therapy-that is paramount.

The transformative power of trauma
By Jonathan Rollins
The treatment of trauma often centers on clients’ impairment  and deficits, but the still-emerging concept of post-traumatic growth aligns with counselors’ focus on clients’ strengths, wellness and capacity for positive change.

Occupational Outlook Handbook  features new profiles for counselors
By Heather Rudow
For the latest edition of the OOH, the Bureau of Labor Statistics once again asked the American Counseling Association to help it paint an accurate picture of the counseling profession for those exploring career possibilities.

Bringing mindfulness into your counseling practice
By Andrew Peterson
A casual, lighthearted  approach to mindfulness that can be done within  the nooks and crannies of everyday life might prove very helpful to clients (and counselors) who struggle to sustain a traditional  meditation practice.

Reader Viewpoint
Why counselors make poor lovers
By Doug Shirley
Accepted wisdom is that counselors are experts at all things relational, but could being good at the “craft” of counseling actually make it more difficult for counselors to establish intimacy in their personal relationships?

Windham to offer keynote in San Francisco
Craig Windham, who is both a practicing counselor and a newscaster for NPR, will be a featured speaker at the ACA Annual Conference  in March.


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