Journal of Evangelism and Missions Vol 10 Spring 2011

1.  Evangelistic Methods That Grow Churches by Jere Phillips
11.  An Analysis of Organic Churches and Their Current Views on Conversion by Bob Whitesel
25.   SBC Decline in Baptisms by Will McRaney
39.   Mass-Evangelism and Disciple-Making by Mike McGinnis
49.   McGavran, The Great Commission, and Evangelism by Michael W Waldrop
59.   The Local Church and Mission Volunteers by Stan May
69.   Taking Risk in Dangerous Places-How Much is too Much? by Gordon  Fort
79.   Finishing the Task by Clyde Meador
87.   My Word Will Not Return Void by Matthew Akers
97.   Southern Baptist Missions and the Search for the Meaning of “Church” by Jeff Walters
113. The Believer and Spiritual Warfare by Wade Akins
125.  Book Reviews

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