The Expository Times Vol 123 No 5 February 2012

Robin Boyd,
The End of Eschatology? Questions  on the Future of Interfaith  Relations –  Part 1    209

Junghyung  Kim,
Three Different  Readings of Luke 10: 38-42: Gadamer,  Habermas, and Ricoeur in Dialogue    218

Robert  A. Gillies,
The Contemplative  Imperative and Evangelism     225

Book of the Month
Timothy Lim & John J. Collins (eds)
The Oxford  Handbook  of the Dead Sea Scrolls
William Loader     230

Worship  Resources
Sermons  for the Christian Year
Julie Woods, 4′” March: 2nd Sunday in Lent     233
Robert  Gillies, 11′” March: 3rd Sunday in Lent     234
Chris Knights, 18′” March: 4th Sunday in Lent     237
Marjory  MacLean, 25′” March: 5th Sunday in Lent     238
Glendon  Macaulay, Worship  Resources  for Lent and Holy Week     241

Book  Reviews     249
Index of Books  Reviewed     258
Graham  Forbes, And Finally…     260


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