Christian Research Journal Vol 35 No 1 February 2012

10 Ten Urgent Questions and Answers about Origins by Hank Hanegraaff
A feature-length  Ask Hank kicks off this special origins-themed JOURNAL with answers to the “ten most urgent questions” on the “single most important apologetic issue”

16 Thinking Clearly about God and Evolution by Jay W. Richards
Is Darwinism an acceptable alternative for Christians?

20 Creation Accounts and Ancient Near Eastern Religions by John A Bloom and  C. John  Collins
Did the ancient Israelites simply borrow their creation beliefs from their neighbors?

26  Adam and Eve Redux by Ann Gauger
Have advances in DNA science rendered the existence of a literal Adam and Eve implausible?

30  Why Natural Selection Cannot Explain the Origin of Animal Development by Paul Nelson
We’re betting your biology,class never alerted you to these fundamental problems with the neo-Darwinian model

34  Unlocking the DNA Enigma by Stephen C. Meyer
If you think neo-Darwinism explains away the need for an intelligent designer in biology, take a closer look at the structure of the cell

36 Theology and Science: Converging on Reality by Garry DeWeese
How theologrelates to science is one of the most crucial questions society and the individual will ever ask

40 Letting Science, Not Rhetoric, Drive the Debate over Intelligent Design by Casey Luskin
It’s time for the defenders of Darwinism to stop trying to win the debate through ridicule and strong-arm tactics rather than through reasoned discourse

44  Junk DNA: Evidence for Evolution or Design? by Fazale Rana
Is the existence of noncoding (“junk”) DNA incompatible with God’s direct involvement in the origin of life?

46  Would Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Spell Doom for Christianity? by Guillermo Gonzalez
The recent discovery of 1,235 potentially Earth-like planets orbiting other stars has brought back to the fore the ancient questions of life beyond Earth and our
status in the universe

50  Young Earth-Old Earth: Debating the Geological Evidence by Steve Austin and Gregg Davidson and Kenn Wolgemuth
In a feature-length Viewpoint, a young-Earth geologist and two Old-Earth geologists present scientific evidence to support their respective views on the age of the Earth

58  Borderline Heretic: James Shapiro and His Twenty-First Century View of Evolution  by William A. Dembski
In a feature-length Summary Critique, a leading ID theorist shows just how far an evolutionist may deviate from orthodox Darwinism without suffering excommunication

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