Christianity Today March 2012

Spotlight  The Death of Evangelism’s Biggest Question
Gleanings Evangelicals join Catholic contraception protests, Presbyterians form new denomination, and India orders antireligious content off Facebook and YouTube.

Shooting shuts down church nightclub.
Is persecution TMI in VBS?
Wealthy Christians find new ways to give.

{In Depth}
One year after earthquake, Japan’s pastors gain new credibility.

Special Section
The Missing Factor in Higher Education     PERRY L. GLANZER
How Christian universities are unique, and how they can stay that way.
Sailing into the Storm     Interview by TIMOTHY C. MORGAN
College presidents Philip Ryken and D. Michael Lindsay discuss the challenges in Christian higher education today.
Little Colleges That Could JOCELYN GREEN
How five small Christian schools are adapting to the new environment.

Global Gospel Project
By His Birth We Are Healed  OLIVER D. CRISP
Our redemption, it turns out, began long before Calvary.

Resting in the Work of God KEVIN EMMERT
The forgotten spiritual discipline.

Letters  Readers respond to the January issue of CT.
Where We Stand Religious Freedom Reality Check
The Village Green
Carla Barnhill, Phil Vischer, and Vincent Bacote debate the value of secular
TV shows for children.
Stones to Bread Leslie Fields hungers for more than the Lord’s Snack.
Past Imperfect  David Neff denounces evangelicals’ ‘will to power.’


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