First Things No 222 April 2012

Relativism’s Moral Mission: The Public Square
R.R. Reno

Man the Religious Animal: We are naturally but not necessarily religious.
Christian Smith

The Sacrifices of War: A review of War and the American Difference
Eric Cohen

Against Erotic Entitlements
John Haldane

Bridging the Tiber
Thomas G. Guarino

Evolution and Islam
James Hannam

The Divine Music of Mathematics: How music theory proves what ancient mathematics thought impossible.
David P. Goldman

Do Not Rashly Tear Asunder:  Why the beleaguered faithful should stay and reform their churches.
Thomas C. Oden

Pornography and Acedia: A spiritual analysis of and remedy for lust of the eyes.
Reinhard Hütter

America’s Smiling God:  A review of When God Talks Back
Peter L. Berger

On Two Moons and a Prayer: A review of 1Q84
Randy Boyagoda

Graveside Praise: A review of Preaching Death
Russell E. Saltzman

Bodily Revulsions
A review of All Things Shining
Ian Marcus Corbin

I Come to the Garden
Gail White

After the Mighty Gods Depart
Joanna Pearson

Salting David Livingstone, 1873
Brian Doyle

Jean de La Ceppède (c. 1548–1623), translated from the French by Susan McLean

Daniel Leonard

While We’re At It
Insouciant parents, Latte churches, etc.

The Back Page
A Dream For Our Political Season
David Bentley Hart


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