Campus Technology Vol 25 No. 8

4    Login/Redefining Shareholder Value
6    CT Online
8    Campus & Industry
10    Viewpoint
Search Rescue by Jay Bhatt

16     Social Media>>Letting Go
For marketers hoping to promote their schools
via social media, the first lesson involves taking their hands off the controls.
by Alicia Brazington

23    IT Management/Are Warranties Warranted?
by Rama Ramaswami

26    Sustainability/Rereading the Green
by Jennifer Skelly

28     E-Textbooks >> The Price Is Right?
Logically, e-textbooks should be much cheaper than the print versions available to students-but they’re not. CT looks at the rationale behind their pricing, and the market factors at play.
by Dian Schaffhauser

34     Learning Management Systems>> Rebuilding the LMS for the 21st Century
Can the goals of 21st century learning be met by retooled legacy LMSs, or does the future belong to open learning platforms that utilize the latest technology? by Jennifer Demski

41    Index
42    C-Level  View I Moving Beyond Technology


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