Christianity Today Vol 56 No 5 April 2012

11 Spotlight Athletes in Action (Again)

12     Gleanings  Court says employers  can limit  employees’ speech, British clergy cannot sue God, and bar boots
‘Theology on Tap.’
14     Headlines    The Family sex cult cleans house.
New USAID policy alarms charities.  15
Evangelicals mimic  Catholic activism.  16
Nontraditional believers recover Christian community in post-war Balkans. 17

Special Section| This is our City
22  School Choice of a Different  Kind
Why Christians in Richmond, Virginia, are sending their kids to struggling public schools.

27  Treating Richmond’s Fatherless Epidemic  Katelyn Beaty
How local Christians are building human capital through public health-one man at a time.

30  Creative Discipleship Katelyn Beaty
Richmonders who transcend their city’s cultural Christianity in unlikely ways.

32  ‘Crucified Under Pontius Pilate’ Mark Galli
Why the phrase from the Nicene Creed can calm our doubts about God’s goodness.

36  When a Daughter Dies  Bne Witherington
Walking the way of grace in the midst of my grief.

40  Discipling the Eyes W. DAvid O. Taylor
The visual arts can play a powerful role in worship-if we look closely enough.

44 Jesus Disappoints Everyone  John Koessler
Our Savior has come, but we’re often blind to his purposes.

48  Breaking Nigeria’s Fatal Deadlock   Sunday Agang
Christians and Muslims will find peace if they work together for justice.

50  Jesus Through Jewish Eyes Interview by David Neff
Amy-Jill Levine, a Jewish NT professor, explains what Christians have gotten wrong, and right

Letters Readers respond to the February issue of CT.

Where We Stand  Pastors’ Ponzis
The Village Green  Wesley Smith, Karen Swallow Prior, and Ben DeVries contemplate Fido’s eternal
Wrestling with Angels  Carolyn Arends takes Scripture literally.

Contra Mundum Chuck Colson and Timothy  George re-define evangelical.


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