Catholic Bible Quarterly Vol 74 No April 2012

231-246    Amos 4:1 and the Cows of Bashan on Mount Samaria: A Reappraisal
Brian Irwin

247-262    The Festival of Hanukkah in 2 Maccabees: Its Meaning and Function
Gerry Wheaton

263-280    Which Semitic Language Did Jesus and Other Contemporary Jews Speak?
Steven E. Fassberg

281-297    Reconsidering Mary of Bethany
Mary Ann Beavis

298-318    Justification as Acquittal? A Critical Examination of Judicial Verdicts in Paul’s Literary and Actual Contexts F. Gerald Downing

319-338    The Function of lmputed  Speech in the Apocalypse of John
Mark D. Mathews

339-407    Book Reviews
Joan E. Cook, S.C., and Amy-Jill Levine


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