TIME Vol 179 No 16 April 2012

2  Editor’s Desk
5 TIME 100 Preview
8 LightBox Titanic arrives in China
10 World
A tsunami scare for Indonesia
12 Nation
Mark Halperin on who benefits from Santorum’s exit
15 Campaign Memo Dick Lugar’s Obama problem
16 Economy
Tech’s idea wars
18 Health & Science
Dental-chair danger?
21 Milestones
Mike Wallace dies
22   The Curious Capitalist
Rana Foroohar on the Bo Xilai fallout
24 Murphy’s law
Mike Murphy on what Mitt must do
27 In the Arena
Joe Klein on the untenable Paul Ryan budget
28 Faces of Syria’s Victims
Refugees tell of Assad’s brutality and their journeys to escape it
by Rania Abouzeid
36 Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity
Friendships, rivalries and secret rescue missions make the Presidents club unlike
any other
by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy
44 How Sleep Can Spark Creativity
Science is charting the power of the slumbering braing
by Jeffrey Kluger
The Culture
52 Pop Chart
Is Mr. Potato Head ready to be head of state?
54 Sports
Flips, jumps and the battle for cheerleading’s future
58  Money
Bill Saporito: Why Ilove April  5
60 Food
Better burgers? How “fast casual” reshapes dining
62 The Awesome Column
Will new media finally make it possible to fact­ check Joel Stein?
64  10 Questions
French chef Alain Ducasse on Big Macs and the five ingredients every cook should have


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