The Expository Times Vol 123 No 8 May 2012

Edward Adams, Editorial                                                                                  365

N. T. Wright, Paul in Current  Anglophone Scholarship                                      367

Douglas A. Campbell, An Apocalyptic  Rereading of “Justification” in Paul:        382
Or, an overview of the argument  of Douglas Campbell’s
The Deliverance of God-
By Douglas Campbell

Book  of the Month                                                                                            394
John W. Thompson
Moral Formation according to Paul:
The Context and Coherence of Pauline Ethics
Paul Foster

Worship  Resources
Sermons for the Christian Year                                             397

Karin Scheiber, 3rd June: Trinity  Sunday                             398
Eric G. McKimmon, 1Oth June: Proper 5                                400
Fred Stainthorpe, 17th June: Proper 6                                 402
Alison Phipps, 24th June: Proper 7                                      405
Kirrilee Reid, All-Age Worship  Resources  for June

Book  Reviews                                                                      407

Index  of Books  Reviewed                                                   415

Johnston McKay, And  Finally…                                              416


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