Leadership Vol 33 No 2 April 2012

22-Fighting the Good Fight
What does the Bible mean by “spiritual warfare”?
by John Ortberg

27-My Unsought Calling
I didn’t seek this aspect of ministry, but to refuse it would have been unfaithful.
by Ray Kollbocker

31-Engaging the Enemy
Describe  a time when you encountered spiritual warfare.

34-Diagnosing the Demonic
Can you recognize  the presence of evil spirits?
by David W:. Appleby

39-Removing Demonic Oppression
Steps to freeing those under the  unwanted  influence.
by Karl Payne

42-Cleaning House

Inner healing involves addressing psychological and spiritual issues.
a conversation with
Charles Kraft

45-Making Space for the Spirit
How one church recognized spiritual warfare and the means God provides  for victory.
by Dave Gibbons

47-The foe in the foyer
A visitor to our church had an unwanted  guest.
by Mike Sares

49-Air Attack
When the atmosphere of your group  turns  toxic, it might be the work of a malevolent spirit.
by Steven R. Jones

51-A Contested Universe
In the end, Satan loses. But until then, we’re in for a battle.
a conversation with
Erwin Lutzer

70-Measuring What Matters
Despite the barriers, churches are finding effective metrics of soul transformation.
by Mike Bonem

79 Invisible Needs
When churches  embrace the disabled, everyone benefits.
by Kelli Anderson

85-Losing My Edge
When your initial enthusiasm fades, you need a plan if you’re going to bring your best to your calling.
by Adrian Boykin

91-Praying that Makes a Difference
Whether  from the pulpit, or Ground Zero,pastoral prayer  changes things.
by Gordon MacDonald


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