Journal of Psychology and Theology Vol 40 No 1 (April 2012)

Special Issue: Journal of Psychology and Theology 40th Anniversary, Issue One
Conceptualizing the Past, Present, and Future of the Integration of Psychology and Theology

3  Editors’ Introduction I Everett L. Worthington, Jr. and Todd W. Hall

5  Revisiting the Issue of Influential Sources in the Integration of Psychology and Theology: More than a Decade Summary I Julia  P. Grimm, Keri L. Barnett, Rodney L. Bassett, Suzanne M. Pearson, Alysia Cornell, Shaelise Morton, Katelyn Scott, and Paul Stevenson

16  Lost Opportunities, Partial Successes, and Key Questions: Some Historical
Lessons I Alan C. Tjeltveit

21   Dis-integrating Psychology and Theology I F. LeRon Shults

26  Let’s Talk: Embeddedness, Majority-Minority Relations, Principled Pluralism, and the Importance of Dialogue I Eric L. Johnson
32   Doing Psychology as a Christian: A Plea for Wholeness I C. Stephen Evans

37  The Idea of a Christian Psychology I Robert C. Roberts

41  Where Do We Want to be in 10 Years? Towards an Integration Strategy for Clinical
Psychologists I Glendon L. Moriarty

45  Doing Theology in Dialogue with Psychology I Fraser Watts

51  Revisiting a Field of Dreams: Looking Back with Appreciation and Forward with
Anticipation I Peter C. Hill

55   Spiritual Experiences Reconsidered: A Relational  Approach to the Integration of
Psychology and Theology I Maureen Miner and Martin Dowson

60  There’s Room for All of Us: Discerning  Your Role in the Integration
Movement I Julie Exline

66  Integration in Three Tenses: A Journey  from Separate and Not Equal to Integral and Interwoven I Gary W. Moon
72  Converging Horizons for Relational Integration: Differentiation-Based
Collaboration I Steven J. Sandage and Jeannine K. Brown

77  Journal File
81  Featured Review
82   Reviewer for This Issue
83   Books Received

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