WORLD May 2012 Vol 27 No 9

34 In the shadow of war
After over two decades of civil war, six years of tentative peace, and a year since the independence of South Sudan, new refugees from Sudan’s embattled Nuba Mountains-including a large population of Christians-give evidence of an
unfolding humanitarian crisis, ethnic cleansing, and forewarnings of a broader conflict

42 Setting captives free
Remembering the life and legacy of Watergate operative, ex-con, and Prison Fellowship founder Charles Colson

46 Ticket talking
A diverse group of Republican leaders are emerging as possible running mates for likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney
48 Give them shelter
Survivors of sex trafficking face a critical shortage of assistance, starting with a place to land and be safe

52 Campus divide
A new requirement that religious ministries affirm a nondiscrimination policy has Vanderbilt groups split over what’s at stake

56 Show me the money
As Texas moves government health funding away from Planned Parenthood, the abortion behemoth goes to court to keep its place at the trough

3   Joel Belz
20 Janie B. Cheaney
32 Mindy Belz
58 Erin Davis
71  Mailbag
75 Andree Seu
76 Marvin Olasky


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