Books and Culture Vol 18 No 3 May/June 2012

Philip Jenkins
Don’t Eat That! Fear of food.

Donald A. Yerxa
The Moral Imperative of History Lessons from World War II.

Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.
Tuning the Preacher’s Ear How good reading helps good preaching.
Lauren F. Winner
Preaching the Old Testament Sermons from Fleming Rutledge.

David Skeel
Angle of Vision The last testament of an exceptional legal scholar.

Douglas Wilson
Because I Say So Why we need authority to flourish.

Amy E. Black
Hard Truths Seeking justice for women around the world.

Laura Bramon Good
In the Undercity Mumbai at ground level.

Susan VanZanten
Embodied Order A history of gardens.

Paul A. Cantor
Critique of Pure Horse Sense A philosopher makes the case for Hollywood Westerns.

Robert Gundry
Tom’s Targum N. T. Wright’s “Kingdom New Testament.”

Andrew Chignell and Dean Zimmerman
Saving God from “Saving God.” Is traditional supernaturalism idolatrous?

Alvin Plantinga
Providential Evolution Not unguided.

Karl W. Giberson
My Life with John Polkinghorne The faith of a physicist.

Karl-Dieter Crisman
Better Than “The Da Vinci Code” Two glimpses of ancient science.

Jay Green
Making It Evangelicals and intellectual authority.

Alister Chapman
Big and Little History Both The British Empire in the 18th century.

Mark Walhout
The Sentimental Atheist José Saramago.

Thom Satterlee
A Cup of Blood The poetry of John Leax.

Timothy Larsen
Sacred Text Victorian Poetry and biblical criticism.

Stranger in a Strange Land: Joel Carpenter
The Conversation A tribute to “The Reformed Journal.”

Hannah Faith Notess
The Virgin in the City

Luci Shaw
Two Poems


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