Youthworker Journal Vol 28 No 5 May/June 2012

6     Youth Culture Update Arrested Development; Character Counts; Dangerous Business; Young and  Jobless and  Let’s D8!  LOL!

9     Culture Watch Pioneers on  the  Digital Frontier: Helping Kids Navigate the  Virtual World By Walt Mueller

12     Middle School Ministry: 12 Things to Love  About Middle School Ministry
By Mark Oestreicher

14     Soul Care The Tragedy of Too Much
By Larry Magnuson

Managing Your  Ministry: Making It Hard  for  Your Seniors to  Fail
By Syler Thomas

18     10 Minutes in God’s Word Competing Isms By Barry Shafer

21     A World of Worldviews:
The YWJ  Roundtable on Isms
James Sire, Paul Metzger,  Greg Stier and Douglas Groothuis have devoted their  lives to battling isms. Here they  show you how  you can expose  and correct kids’  favorite falsehoods.
By Jennifer Bradbury

24    Games, Pizza and Isms Helping Students Understand Contemporary Philosophies, Religions and Worldviews
By Kelly Soifer

26         Bam! Pow! Moralistic Therapeutic Deism! Batman Confronts the Isms By Paul Asay
29         Me and Mine: The Mixed Bag of Postmodern Tribalism By Steve Wilkens and Mark L. Sanford

32     Anti-Reductionism Saving the Bible  from Culture  Warriors
By Jonathan Merritt

35     Beyond Points and Proofs: Postmodern Apologetics
By Tony Myles

36 YWJ Feature
How Much do Christian Teens Study  the Bible?
Insights from the Jesus Study

48   Stirring It Up Confronting Consumerism: Waking from
the  American  Dream
By Trevor Miller


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