Christianity Today Vol 56 No 5 May 2012

9 Spotlight Forcing Pastors Out
10 Gleanings
12 Headlines
Mark fragment tantalizes Bible experts. L.A. black churches adapt to Latino neighbors. Marketing martyrs to Americans. Asian diaspora revives European churches.

In Depth: In post-Christian Quebec, evangelical use the blues to reach out
Readers Write
45    Where We Stand
47    The ‘Monsters’ Among us

48    The Village Green Paul Shrier, Lynne Kohm, and Ryan Anderson on adoption by same-sex couples.
50    Stones to Bread Leslie Leyland Fields diagnoses lapsed Christians.
51    Past Imperfect  David Neff doesn’t want to vomit on JFK’s famous church­ state speech.

53     Stephen Monsma’s Pluralism and Freedom
Douglas Wilson’s top 5 on fatherhood
Michael  Sandel’s What Money Can’t Buy
Interview: Gary Neal Hansen prays with dead Christians\

58    TV/Movies
Top 5 superhero  flicks

59     MUSIC
Two minutes with Steve Hindalong
Madeira and Co.’s Mercyland

80    Who’s Next
Nikki Toyama-Szeto diversifies lnterVarsity’s student conference.

Miracles in Mozambique
TIM STAFFORD There are credible reports that Heidi Baker heals the deaf
and raises the dead. One thing is for sure: She loves the poor like no other in    this forgotten corner of the planet

Why Christus Victor Is Not Enough
RICHARD MOUW  Each atonement theory highlights a truth about the
Cross-but  none more so than Christ’s substitutionary death

From Powerlifter to Powerless
KATHLEEN ANDERSON   How physical debility strengthened my reliance on God.

Rooting Out Bad Religion
INTERVIEW BY   SARAH  PULIAM  BAILEY Why Ross Douthat wants to see America return to its confessional roots.

You Can’t Preach the Gospel with Deeds
DUANE  LIFTIN And why it’s important to say so.


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