College English Vol 74 No 5 May 2012

From the Editor
“Once there was  Elrunia”: Approaching Affect in Holocaust Literature
Gail Ivy Berlin

Synecdochic Memory at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Michael Bernard-Donals

Beyond Repair: Literacy, Technology, and a Curriculum of Aging
Lauren Marshall Bowen

Composition’s New Thing: Bruno Latour and the Apocalyptic Turn
Paul Lynch

REVIEW:The Matter of Assignments in Writing Classes and Beyond
Anne Beaufort

COMMENT & RESPONSE: Comment on “Reflective Writing’s Synecdochic Imperative: Process Descriptions Redescribed” and “‘Me Inwardly, Before I Dared’:Japanese Americans Writing-to-Gaman”
Kathleen Blake Yancey/Mira Shimabukuro

Comment on “The Literature of Poverty, the Poverty of Literature Classes”
Bill Hendricks/]ohn  Marsh



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