TIME Vol 179 NO 2

2  Editor’s Desk
5 Verbatim
6 LightBox
Lonely protesters vs. Egypt’s military
8 World
A double agent in Yemen; President Putin again
10   Nation
Mark Halperin on Romney’s VP options
13  Campaign Memo
America’s missing third-party candidate
14 Tech
Can Facebook keep its mojo post-IPO?
171 Economy
Unpaid interns are fighting back
18 Business
State-controlled media vs. the Internet
20   Milestones
Maurice Sendak dies
22  The Curious Capitalist
Rana Foroohar on unemployment: it’s a gender issue too

26 Europe Revolts Against Austerity
A wave of frustration sweeps Francois Hollande into power in France
by Bryan Walsh

32 No Baby Left Behind
No longer a fringe movement, attachment parenting has reshaped the way we raise
our children
by Kate Pickert

40 The Cricket Master
India’s Sachin Tendulkar may be the world’s greatest athelete, period
by Bobby Ghosh

47 Frack to the Future
Shale gas is radically redrawing the global energy map
Bryan Walsh

52  Pop Chart Adam Lambert returns, as does Will and Kate’s cake .
54 Fashion
How two untrained, inseparable sisters conquered New York City’s runways
58 Movies
Sacha Baron Cohen moves beyond shock shtick in The Dictator
59  Television
Mad Men,TV’s great period piece, has entered its gaudiest period yet
60 Art
The return of the much  contested Barnes collection
62  The Awesome Column
Joel Stein on the greatest book ever written.
It’s by Joel Stein
64 10 Questions Biographer and historian Robert Caro


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