Counseling Today, June 2012

A loss like no other
By Lynne Shallcross
Although  loss is a universal experience, every person’s grief process is unique, and that reality has encouraged counselors to gradually leave behind one-size-fits-all approaches to grief therapy.

When the vows break
By Stacy Notaras Murphy
A high priority is rightfully placed on counseling’s role in helping to prevent divorce, but the need for counseling doesn’t end even if the marriage does.

Bridging the separation between behavioral and general health care
Interview by Frank Burtnett
Health  and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius discusses barriers to care for people with behavioral health needs and the changing landscape of U.S. health care.

Knowledge Share
Improving couples’ attachment  security, intimacy, stability and satisfaction
By Barry G. Ginsberg
The founder  of the Center  of Relationship  Enhancement takes a deeper look at why emotion-focused relationship  enhancement therapy often achieves the best outcomes  for couples.

A student perspective on 20/20:
A Vision for the Future of Counseling
By Marte Ostvik-de Wilde, Jordan P. Hammes, Gitima Sharma, ZiYoung Kang & Denise Park
Doctoral  counseling students  identifY the aspects of the Principles for Unifying and Strengthening the Profession that are most relevant to them.

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