TIME Vol 179, No 22 May 2012

11 Verbatim

12 LightBox An earthquake rocks northern Italy
14 World The Greek ripple effect; protests at NATO summit
16  Nation The fallout from Obama’s Romney attacks; the Facebook Faceplant
18 Economy Roving mail-truck labs, cell-phone sales and other ways to save the post office
19  Health & Science New guidelines for prostate screenings
20  Milestones Farewell to Robin Gibb and Donna Summer
22 The Curious Capitalist
Rana Foroohar on the case for Glass-Steagall
25 In the Arena Joe Klein on lessons learned in Afghanistan

26 What Mom Taught Mitt
How Lenore Romney’s failed 1970 Senate campaign shaped her son’s political style
Barton Gellman

36 Romney on the Offensive
In an interview, Mitt touts Bain, forecasts unemployment
by Mark Halperin
38 Hope and Change in Libya
Revisiting the sites of the Arab Spring’s most sweeping revolution
by Abigail Hauslohner
44 How to Save a Leg
A new program is restoring the limbs of wounded warriors-and sending some of
them back into battle by Nate Rawlings

50  Pop Chart Fashion on wheels; political bromances
52  Movies
French actor Omar Sy captivates his country
56  Art
A Web start-up finds you: fine art
58  Movies Wes Anderson’s latest, Moonrise Kingdom,shines
59  Tuned In Hey, TV suits: ad skippers are your friends
61 Money The cost of celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
62 The Awesome Column
Joel Stein on how to face your fears (hint: yell at them)
64 10 Questions Naturalist Daphne Sheldrick

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