WORLD Vol. 27, No. 10

34 Latin persuasion
Republicans hope that a young group of popular Hispanic conservatives,
such as Ted Cruz of Texas, will help the party
win over Hispanic voters in November. Keen on stopping them, Democrats look to make immigration reform a higher priority
40 Carolina blues
Scandal amid a close contest in North Carolina could foretell swing state headaches for Democrats  and Obama heading toward a September convention in the Tar Heel State
44 The eye of the storm
Israelis contemplate a possible war against Iran with little  worry but keen knowledge of what’s at stake
48 ‘God’s chickens’
Harking back to William Wilberforce, some evangelical leaders are joining efforts to crack down on cockfighting
52 The bloodiest day
The Civil War produced more than 6oo,ooo deaths, including
23,000 killed in one day at Antietam, and led to the first  official
Memorial Day observance in 1868 at Arlington National Cemetery


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