WORLD Vol 27 No 11 June 2012

32 The new Egyptian wilderness
As Moses once led his people out of Egypt to Mt. Sinai, church leaders in a post-Mubarak era are discovering how to guide the largest Christian population in the Middle East against new threats and to become good neighbors
40 Blind justice
Resolving the dramatic case of China activist  Chen Guangcheng doesn’t take care of thousands more dissidents like him
44 Right turn on Maine
With a pivotal Senate race in November, conservatives are increasingly energized in what has for decades been one of the most liberal states in the nation
48 Timeless struggle
A new film about a Catholic uprising against a socialist Mexican government in 1926 has surprising resonance in 2012
52 An arm and a leg for a Dinka bride
A Sudanese man will go to a lot of trouble to win a hand in marriage
56 D.C. city limits
The death and life of compassionate conservatism: While a treasured idea became a mess in Washington, it flourished at a small school in Austin

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