Christianity Today Vol 56 No 6 June 2012

Where We Stand
United Against Nihilism

The Village Green Brian M. Howell, David Livermore, and Robert J. Priest consider an end to short-term missions.
Wrestling with Angels Carolyn Arends lets us in on the joke of Scripture.
Contra Mundum  Chuck Colson and Timothy George reject a churchless jesus

18    When Are We Going to Grow Up?
The juvenilization of American Christianity.

26    Mostly Right!
Responses from John Ortberg, David Kinnaman, and David Zahl.

Global Gospel Project
32    A Bridge Between Two Worlds
Alister McGrath
How the Resurrection infused my rational faith with a passionate hope.

36    The Social Network Gospel
Robert C. Crosby  How interconnectivity helps us better engage the Bible.

42    The Reformers’ Postmodern Moment
Interview by David Neff Historical theologian Timothy George says Luther and Calvin show us how to read the Bible for the sake of the church.

46    The Fight for Egypt’s Future
Jeremy Weber
Coptic leaders, at the front  lines of compassion, win new respect for the Christian community.

52    A Man Transformed
Jonathan Aitken
How Charles Colson, Nixon’s hatchet man, became a major figure in evangelicalism.


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