Christian Century Vol. 129 No. 12

Targeted divestment
The Editors: The success of Title IX

Church league dispute, etc.

10 This Just isn’t working
LeeAnne Watkins: When people don’t show up

12 Lifeline to kids
G. Jeffrey  MacDonald:  A shift to group mentoring

14        Applying the Golden Rule to gay marriage;
Black churches conflicted about Obama’s stance on gays;
PCUSA unit refuses to rebuke Jane Spahr over same-sex

22 Facts of life
Amy Frykholm: The case for sexuality education

26 Muckraking pilgrim
Thomas Lynch: Michael Moore’s autobiography

30 Interfaith repertoire
Andrew Packman: A Bosnian choir sings reconciliation

34       Books
David Heim: Religion for Atheists, by Alain de Botton
Peter Boumgarden: When !Was a Child I Read Books,
by Marilynne Robinson
Harold K. Bush Jr.: Why Read Moby-Dick?,
by Nathaniel Philbrick
Benjamin Webb: Religion in Human Evolution,
by Robert N. Bellah

42   TV  Jason Byassee: MI-5
44      Film John Petrakis: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
and A Simple Life
45       Notes from the Global Church
Philip Jenkins: The Orthodox in Africa


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