TIME Vol 179 No 24, 2012

12 World
An eerie market close in China; Chavez’s Twitter gift
14 Nation
Baggy pants, plastic bags and other outlawed stuff
16 Military
A drone blowback forObama?
18 Economy Recession-proof roller coasters
20 Health
Why  junk-food bans offer mixed results
21 Milestones Survey says:We’ll miss you, Richard Dawson
24  Worldview Fareed Zakaria on immigration woes
26 In the Arena
Joe Klein on the need for mandatory service

28 Meet the Decider
Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy may cast the pivotal vote on Obamacare. Why one man has made the defining calls of our time
by Massimo Calabresi and David Von Drehle

40 Slowdown Goes Global
How dysfunctional politics and flawed policies are wrecking the world economy
by Rana Foroohar

44 Let’s Do Launch
Brash billionaire Elon Musk America back into space
by Jeffrey Kluger


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