TIME Vol 179 No 25

12 World
Anti-Putin protests;
Spain on the dole
14 Nation
Mark Halperin on Romney’s chances; the fiscal cliff
18 Economy
U.S. infrastructure doesn’t measure up
20 Business
Rent a car: your own!
22 Health & Science
The CT-scan risk
24 Milestones Farewell to economist Elinor Ostrom

26 New Energy Michael Grunwald talks trash
28 Worldview Fareed Zakaria on pension reform
30 Viewpoint Rich Lowry on the “doing fine” economy
32 In the Arena Joe Klein on the working poor

34 Shadow Americans
As more of the nations’ 11.5 million undocumented immigrats go public with their status, their stories will change the citizenship debate
Jose Antonio Vargas

46 The Syrian Cyberwar
The U.S. isn’t arming the rebels but it is sending Internet technology. Can searing video docs help dethrone Assad?
by Jay Newton-Small

52 Coffeenomics
Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s plan to perk up the economy
by Bill Saporito


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