WORLD Vol 27, No. 12

42    From Julia to Jesus
The strengths of the Hope Award finalists highlight the shortcomings of liberal and conservative conceptions of fighting poverty

50    Ending one war to arm for the next?
NATO reaches an agreement on Afghanistan but faces serious challenges in mapping a post-war future

54    A great divorce
A court  awards the historic Falls Church-one of the oldest in America-to The Episcopal Church, and Anglicans who once made an overwhelming majority of the congregation move out

60     Milestone
Southern Baptists further distance themselves from a divisive racial past with elevation of African-American pastor Fred Luter

64    Dark cloud, silver lining
A depressed housing market has proved favorable for new homeowners willing to work and save
Foreclosing in: Without a recovery  in the job market, another  wave of Floridians will likely lose their homes soon

70     Songs with staying power
St. Olaf Choir’s conductor says the world-famous 1oo-year­ old ensemble is anti-fluff in the “age of Glee”

74    Fracking:fact & fiction
Horizontal drilling is boosting domestic  natural gas production, and dubious controversy over its safety


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