Guest Editor’s Introduction                             JEREMY EVANS     7
A New Argument against Materialism           ALVIN PLANTINGA    9
Plantinga’s New Argument against Materialism       MICHAEL TOOLEY    29
Functionalism and Materialism: A Reply to Tooley   ALVIN PLANTINGA    49

Michael Polanyi and Alvin Plantinga:            ESTHER L. MEEK    57
Help from Beyond the Walls
Are Created Spirits Composed of Matter and Fonn?    NATHAN A. JACOBS    79
A Defense of Pneumatic Hylomorphism
Change of Heart:                                                     CRISTIAN MIHUTT    109
Forgiveness, Resentment, and Empathy
The Challenge to Virtue, Character,                      CHRISTIAN MILLER     125
and Forgiveness from Psychology and Philosophy
Buddha, the Apostle Paul, and John Hick:        JOHN JEFFERSON DAVIS     145
The Challenge oflnter-Religious Epistemologies
The Existence and Irrelevance of Gratuitous Evil    KIRK R. MAcGREGOR    165


Is N. T. Wright Right about Substance Dualism?     STEWART GOETZ     183
Experimental Thoughts and Thought Experiments:       CHARLES TALIAFERRO    193
Reflections on What Matters in Recent Work by Derek Parfit
Zygotes, Embryos, and Subsistence:        FRANCIS J. BECKWITH    209
A Response to Corcoran

Penelope Maddy, Defending the Axioms:        WILLIAM LANE CRAIG    223
On the Philosophical  Foundations  of Set Theory

Philip Tallon, The Poetics of Evil:                  CHARLES TALIAFERRO    228
Toward an Aesthetic Theodicy

K. Scott Oliphint, God with Us:
Divine Condescension and the Attributes of God    NATHAN D. SHANNON    232
John Howard Yoder, The War of the Lamb:
The Ethics of Nonviolence  and Peacemaking,        DAVID CRAMER        237
and Stanley Hauerwas, War and the American
Difference: Theological Reflections on
Violence and National Identity

Clifford Williams, Existential Reasons for              RAYMOND J. VANARRAGON     241
Belief in God: A Defense of Desires and Emotions for Faith

NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS                            246


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