Christian Century Vol 129 No 13 June 27, 2012

6   LETTERS: Listening to Palestinians
7   The Editors: The Catholic bishops’ argument is weak
8  Century MArks: Eyes open in prayer, etc.
10  The end of impunity? John Kiess: The International Criminal Court issues a verdict
12  Hard choices in Egypt: Jayson Casper: Will Christians vote for the old regime?
22  A hopeful universalism:    Paul Dafydd Jones: Why we can hope everyone will be saved
28   Lending with grace: Jesse James DeConto: Breaking the cycle of payday loans
32   Ministry in the 21st Century: An Interview with Joyce Shin
14 Churches more wary of partisan politics; Atheists, believers do good for different reasons; Nuns rap Vatican for ‘unsubstantiated’ charges; Vatican censures nun’s book on sexual ethics

36     Books
J. Nelson Kraybill: Revelations, by Elaine Pagels
William R. Burrows: The World’s Christians,
by Douglas Jacobsen
Amy Frykholm: The Better Angels of Our Nature,
by Steven Pinker
Miho Nonaka: Saint Sinatra and Other Poems,
by Angela Alaimo O’Donnell
44        Film
Steve Vineberg: Marvel’s The Avengers and Dark Shadows
47       Art
Lois Huey-Heck: Ruach, by Julie Elliot
3        Editor’s Desk
John M. Buchanan: Grace before anything
20,  21  Living by the Word
Douglass Key
35       Faith Matters
Thomas G. Long: Future fatigue
45       American Soundings
Rodney Clapp: Animals in the kingdom

11           Carol Gilbertson:Atitlan
24        Anya Silver: On our anniversary


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