TIME Vol 180 No 1 June 2012

41 Editor’s Desk
9 Verbatim
10 LightBox Unhappy workers in Spain
12 World Egypt’s pain and Greece’s prospects
14 Nation
Our Obama-Romney scorecard
16  Profile
A nun takes on the Vatican
18  Economy
The sky-high cost of baggage fees
19  Health & Science When athletes must prove their gender
20  Milestones
We lose Rodney King and a football star
21 Viewpoint Massimo Calabresi on why Europeans could decide the 2012 U.S. presidential contest

22 I  Curious Capitalist
Rana Foroohar on negotiating the bond bubble

24 ln the Arena Joe Klein on the undecided heartland

26  The American Dream: A Biography
It has seen better days, but it’s an idea that has shpaed the nation’s desitny from the beginning-and can point the way to the future
Jon Meacham

40    Votes Who Matter
Purple voters. The Kennedy Generation. Meet the people Barack Obama and Mitt Romney must win over to take the White House
Mark Penn

44 China’s Apple Crush
Workers in Chines ACtories already mkae all those iPhones and iPads. Someday soon they may but most of them.
Hannah Beech


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