Southern Baptist Journal of Theology Vol. 16 No. 1 Spring 2012

God the Father
2  Editorial: Stephen]. Wellum
Our Greatest Need and Privilege: Knowing our Triune God
4  Thomas R.Schreiner
The Centrality of God in New Testament Theology
18  Gregg R.Allison
Denials of Orthodoxy: Heretical Views of the Doctrine of the Trinity
Bruce A. Ware
28  Christian Worship and Taxis within the Trinity
Keith Goad
44  Knowing the Trinity from Scripture
Russell D. Moore
56  Sermon: Joseph of Nazareth Is a Single-Issue Evangelical: The Father
of Jesus, the Cries of the Helpless, and Change You Can Believe In (Matt 2:13-23)
62  The SBJT Forum
72  Book Reviews

TIME Vol 185, no 5 2012

2 Editor’s Desk
7 Verbatim
8 LightBox
The drought’s grim harvest
10World A sudden schism in Israel; a power move in North Korea
12 Nation
Money shots: attack on Romney’s wealth
13 Economy Bye, America: ditching citizenship for cash
14 Health & Science
New pills for HIV and obesity
15 Milestones Encyclopedia Brown’s maker meets the end
16 Viewpoint Jon Meacham on God, gays and inclusion
17 The Curious Capitalist
Rana Foroohar on Yahoo and the feminization of tech
19 In the Arena
Joe Klein on the real problem with Romney and Bain
20 Third Time’s Charm
London shows a sparkling new side for the GAmes’ return
Nancy Gibbs
26 Trivia Tube
From Shakespeare to sheepdogs, an Underground map of London Olympic facts
30 No Choke
Lolo Jones’ tallest hurdle is the memory of her 2008 letdown
Sean Gregory
40 Rivalries to Watch
Head to head and toe to toe
Alice Park
48 Good Sports, Bad Sports
Winning hearts and losing ugly throughout history
Megan Gibson
52 The Fittest and Fastest
How winners train for pain
Bill Saporito
60 Heavy Medal
How China finds great athelets
Hannah Beech
66 Swim Jump and Runway
The secrets of Olympic style
70 Double Backflip
To chase her dream, Gabby Douglas swapped coaches and families
Alice Park
78 Spirit of ’48
Legends of the last Londgon Games look back
84 Wrestling for the Enemy
Russian’s Chechen Olympians
Simon Shuster
90 Rising Daughters
Japan’s 2011 heroines are back
Krist Mohr
Odds and Sods
The ultimate curiousities of the Games

98 Pop Chart
Old Spice vs. Taco Bell; which Olympic outfit takes the gold?
100 Profile Screenwriter-starlet Zoe Kazan
103 Movies In the mesmerizing The Dark Knight Rises,
American greed is the villain
104 Education A video series aims to make “stay in school” go viral
107 Tuned In Spoiler alert: spoilers don’t spoil anything
110 Art In this show, beauty is truthiness
112 IThe Awesome Column Joel Stein learns why the Olympic vaulting squad wouldn’t touch him with a giant pole

Leadership Vol 33 No 3 Summer 2012

22-A Life to Die For
Sanctification, theologically and spiritually, is a matter of life and death (but not in that order).
by John Ortberg

27-Cultivating Growth
Six leaders  describe  how they foster transformation in others.
by Sean Gladding,Dan Kimball, Jason Johansen,Ray Lubeck, Domani Pothen,Merrill Powers

30-How to Spot a Transformed Christian
12 outward signs of the inner reality.
by Gordon MacDonald

35-Emotional Stability
You ll never grow up if you aren’t willing to examine your inner  life.
An interview with Peter Scazzero

39-The Big Reveal
One church’s challenge to engage the Bible led to spiritual florescence  in the lives of its members.
by Guy Conn, with Paul Pastor

42-Conversation Skills that Transform
Four ways to practice “pastoral presence” and guide deep change.
by Kevin A. Miller

47-Coming Clean
Confession is good for your soul­ and the souls of those you lead.
by Max Lucado

52-When Clean and Unclean Touch
Jesus’ revolutionary reversal  puts transformation within  reach.
by Mark  Buchanan

57-Another Path of Jesus
Walking the way of Jesus has meant embracing my Native American  heritage..
by Richard Twiss

72-You Gotta Be There
What Special Forces chaplains have learned about the ministry of presence.
by Marshall Shelley

77-What Happened to Singles Ministry?
Today the best thing for singles is not a singles-only ministry.
by Adam Stadtmiller

83-How to Score a Sabbatical
When I first  requested one,I was rebuffed. Here’s what I’d do differently.
by Greg Asimakoupoulos

87-The  New Monk Warriors
A ministry emerged out of the Texas desert to redirect the lives of college students.
by Greg Taylor

Christian Century Vol 129, No 15 July 2012

6   Sin and universalism

7     Green Light for Health Care
The Editors: What the Affordable Care Act does

8     CenturyMarks
Church for strangers, etc.

10     The wrong debate
Steve Thorngate: It’s not about the size of government

12    Humbled
Paul J. Wadell:  Escaping the universe of pride

22    Hungry farmers
Roger Thurow: The challenges of African agriculture

25    Mobilizing GS on food
Amy Frykholm: A complicated  vision

28    Blessed and dangerous
Ralph C. Wood: The conscience of John Henry Newman

14    How many winners in health-care ruling?; Donations to faith groups decline for second year; Southern Baptists approve alternate, unofficial name

34   Books
John G.Turner: Conceived in Doubt, by Amanda Porterfield
Randall Balmer: Embattled Ecumenism, by Jill K. Gill
J.Todd Billings: The Missional Church in Perspective,
by Craig Van Gelder and Dwight J. Zscheile

40    Music
Lou Carlozo:Wrecking Ball, by Bruce Springsteen, etc.

42    TV
Jason Byassee: Game of Thrones

44    Film
Steve Vineberg: To Rome  with Love and Prometheus

47    Art
Lois Huey-Heck: Peace, by Carmen Phillipe-Welton

3    Editor’s Desk
John M. Buchanan: Respectfully diverse
20, 21  Living by the Word
Joshua Carney

33  Faith Matters
M. Craig Barnes: After adoption
45   American Soundings
Rodney Clapp: In-flight disciplines

Philip Kolin: Creation
Melissa Weaver:The watcher
Tania Runyan: Count it all as loss

Christianity Today Vol 56 No 7 July/August 2012

11    Spotlight Exorcist Survey
12    Gleanings
14    Headlines
Diversifying adoptions as supply shrinks.
Mixed views on the Vanderbilt veto.
Early Israelite city defines David and Solomon.
Childproofing churches after daycare drowning.
In Depth Syrian Christians seize chance for reconciliation.

22    A Tale of Two Scientists
Tim Stafford How two evangelicals-one a young-earth creationist, the other an evolutionary creationist-have lived out their faith and professions.
34    Marco Rubio’s Faith of Many Colors
Interview by SArah Pullman Bailey The Florida senator’s religious background has taken different hues, but he knows how it translates into policy.
38    The Gospel Is More Than a Story
Leslie Leyland Fields Maybe all the rage over the Bible-and ourselves-as grand narratives isn’t such a good idea.
44    The Other Iranian Revolution
Matthias Pankau & Uwe SIEMoN-NETTo In ‘godless’ eastern Germany, Iranian refugees surprise pastors with their interest in Christianity.
48    Rejoicing in the Wrath
Trevin Wax Why we look forward to judgment Day.
52    Finding Jesus at Burning Man
Phil Wyman How God made himself known at one hedonistic gathering.
58    The Problem with ‘Incarnational Ministry’
J. Todd Billings What if our mission is not to ‘be jesus’ to other cultures, but to join with the Holy Spirit?
64    Moore Than Enough
Mark Moring Basketball star Maya Moore brings style and grace to the U.S. Olympic women’s team.
70    Fading from the Family Portrait
Andrew Root Nullifying a family through divorce calls children’s very existence into question.
74    Gospel Goes Global
Elissa Cooper Soul Children choirs are popping up in unexpected places.

81    Where We Stand
More than a Legal Issue
82    The Village Green
Douglas Wilson, Lisa Velthouse, and Russell Moore debate whether churches should fly Old Glory during worship.
84    Stones to Bread Leslie Leyland Fields reveals the cosmos’s best-kept secret.
86    Past Imperfect David Neff on the hymns that haunt us.
89    Joseph Loconte’s The Searchers Amy Julia Becker: My Top son Special Needs Christine Dillon’s Telling the Gospel Through Story
94    Interview: Richard Mouw on Mormonevangelical talks
95    Music Two minutes with Sonny Sandoval The Welcome Wagon’s Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices
104    Who’s Next NASCAR’s Blake Koch takes ·”. a lap-and a stand-for Jesus.

English Journal Vol 101 No 6 July 2012

7   Call for Manuscripts
10   2011-2012 Reviewers
12   From the Editor
Ken Lindblom
13   From the Secondary Section
Paying Attention  to Ourselves: Modeling Anti-Bullying Behavior
for Students
Amy Magnafichi Lucas
16   NCTE Position Statement: Resolution on Confronting Bullying and Harassment
107   Speaking My Mind
Mythology of the Norm: Disrupting the Culture of Bullying in Schools
sj Miller
110  Speaking My Mind
Confronting Bullying: It Really Can Get Better
Roxanne Henkin

18   EJ in Focus
Bullying Reconsidered: Educating for Emotional Literacy
Nancy Mack, Guest Editor
Students can develop thoughtful  emotional  choices through the study of language arts.

26   Teacher to Teacher
What Literature Fosters the Examination of Bullying Behaviors?
Katina  D. Childers; Annamary Consalvo

28   Student Voices
What Can Bystanders Do to Prevent Bullying of Students Who Are
Different (or Perceived as Different) from Others?
Anna Nordseth; Vikas Vepachedu; Grant Shipman; David  Alayachew

30   Tough Talk as an Antidote  to Bullying
Donna  L. Miller
Miller details strategies for productive discussions about controversial characters.

37   Exploring Character through Narrative, Drama, and Argument Thomas M. McCann, Rebecca D’Angelo, Marjorie Hillocks, Nancy Galas, and Laura Ryan
Can students  author their own solutions and reparations for bullying?

44   Using Warriors Don’t  Cry in a Capstone Project to Combat Bullying
Kristin Korneliussen
What can teachers do when students  routinely tease and bully one another?

50   A.S. King and C. J. Bott Talk about Bullying
A.S. King and C. J. Bott
Listen in on a conversation about bullying between a young adult author and an expert on bullying.

56   Beyond Bullying: Pairing Classics and Media  literacy
Angela  Beumer Johnson, Linda  Augustus, and Christa  Preston Agiro
Students  resist media  manipulation by making connections to Othello.

64   Call It What It Is: Confronting the Teacher-on-Teacher Bully
Down the Hall
Mr. H
What steps can a teacher take when bullied by colleagues?

70   Cyberbullying: Taking Control through Research-Based Letter Writing
Maureen Connolly  and Vicky Giouroukakis
Students inform preservice teachers about cyberbullying.
75   HEverything … Affects Everything”: Promoting Critical Perspectives toward Bullying with  Thirteen Reasons Why
James S. Chisholm and Brandie Trent
A YAL character’s experiences with bullying compel students  to take action.

81   Dismantling Bullying with a Class Magazine: Creating Connections and Community
Cheryl H. Almeda
Almeda suggests a classroom magazine  to turn outcast students  into heroes.

87   Long-Term Effects of Bullying: Promoting Empathy with Nonfiction
Jennifer Ansbach
Students’ empathy increases after responding to essays from Dear Bully.

55   Re: Unidentified Dyslexic in English 222
N.C.  Krim
63   A hundred things she’s not
L. A. Batzler
74   Kneed
Matthew J. Spireng

93   Adventures with Text and Beyond
“Like Reading”  and Literacy Challenges in a Digital  Age
Antero Garcia

97   Mentoring Matters
It’s Just Like Dido Said: Improving the Experiences of International Teaching Colleagues
Spencer Salas and Scott Kissau

100   Professional Writing in the English Classroom
Are You a Writing Bully? Considerations for Teachers and Students
Jonathan Bush and Leah Zuidema

104   Research for the Classroom
Analyzing Classroom Literacy Events: What Observing Classroom
Conversations  about  Popular Culture  Can Reveal about  Reading
Kathy Garland

114   Indexes to Volume 101

Expository Times Vol 123, No 12 September 2012

Stephen H. Webb, The Chicken and the Bathwater:  Exploring  a Basic Limit to the Vegetarian Ideal    573

James Yu, Understanding  Joshua 10.12-14 in its Context            581

Martin  Down,  Exegetical Note on Matthew  25.31-46:  The  Parable of the Sheep and the Goats        587

Book of the Month                    590
T. Burke
De infantia  Iesu evangelium Thomae – graece  
Paul Foster

Worship  Resources
Sermons  for the Christian Year
Chris Knights, 7th  October:  Proper 22            593
Karin Scheiber, 14th October:  Proper 23         595
Alan Le Grys, 21st October:  Proper 24             598
Eric McKimmon,  28th  October:  Proper 25        600
Ken Fronde,  All-Age Worship  Resources  for October    603

Book  Reviews                                     606
Index of Books  Reviewed                   622
John  Eldridge, And Finally…                624

TIME Vol 18, No. 4

2  Editor’s Desk
5 Verbatim
6 LightBox Libya’s historic elections World Tomb raids in Timbuktu; violence swells in Afghanistan
10 Nation Mark Halperin on Mitt’s engaged donors
13 White House Memo Obama as retail politician
14 Economy Jobs and women
16  Health & Science
Global warming: Do you feel it now?
17  Milestones So long, Andy Griffith and Ernest Borgnine
18 The Curious Capitalist
Rana Foroohar on the London banking crisis
20 Worldview
Fareed Zakaria on a bipartisan growth agenda

22 The Insidious Enemy
Why the Pentagon is losing the war against military suicide
by Mark Thompson and Nancy Gibbs

32 Definite Particle
Why a few trillionths of a second created a global thrill-and what the Higgs boson
means for our future
Jeffrey Kluger

36  The Syrian Arms Race
Inside the Russian weapons bazaar that is powering Syria’s regime
Simon Shuster

40  You Don’t Get Fries With That
How Chipotle is using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to compete in the fast-food market
Joel Stein

48 Pop Chart
Tom Cruise marriage math. Also: Paris couture
50 Movies
How Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman clawed into The Dark Knight Rises
54 Music
A young R&B star’s new album thrives on a spirit of full disclosure
56 Sports
Why batters are striking out more
58 The Awesome Column
Joel Stein on what the Higgs boson means for him
60 10 Questions Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek

WORLD Vol. 27 No 15

Outside the camp
Egypt’s minority Christians, already shut out
of mainstream life and politics, fear more legal-and perhaps violent-forms of oppression under the newly elected Muslim Brotherhood government

The organization man
John Roberts is a product of esteemed institutions, and his attachment to the “institution” of the Supreme Court may explain his controversial healthcare ruling

Winning against wildfires
Colorado Springs faces hundreds  of homes and millions of dollars lost to the
record-breaking Waldo Canyon fire, but with a renewed spirit of togetherness

Noxious or neighborly?
Many of us know about pawnshops only from
television, film, and suite-level depictions of all pawnbrokers as “predators.”  The street-level reality is more complex, and the best place to find out is a pawnshop
center, New York City

Hope in the heartland
2012 compassion award: Our Midwest  region winner balances discipline and grace

First Things Aug/Sept 2012 No. 225


3     Defending Religious Liberty by R. R. Reno
8     Christian  societies, Materiality matters, etc.
17     Cordially, Richard John Neuhaus by Randy Boyagoda
19     Yeshiva Lessons by Charles]. Chaput
22     The Holy Spirit Did Preside by Michael Novak
25     Unsustainable  Liberalism by Patrick]. Deneen
33     The Art of Liberty by Daniel J. Mahoney
35     Public Life Without  Political Theory by Paul J. Griffiths
39     Freedom by Association  by Michael W. McConnell
45     Conscience and Coercion by Thomas Pink

53     A History  of Violence by Robert Muchembled
reviewed by William T. Cavanaugh
56     Demonic Desires
by Ishay Rosen-Zvi
reviewed by Shalom Carmy
59     The Accordian Family
by Katherine S. Newman
reviewed by Naomi  Schaefer Riley
62     The Map and the Territory by Michel Houellebecq
reviewed by Santiago Ramos
64     Francis of Assisi
by Augustine Thompson
reviewed by Carlos Eire

66     Briefly Noted

While We’re At It
67     Colson, California, Arius, etc. by David Mills

The Back Page
72     Death the Stranger by David Bentley Hart

POETRY     Min Chaobin  (p. 31),
Brian Doyle (p. 38),
A. M. Juster (p. 51)