Children’s Ministry July/August 2012

42    Reaching out Water bottle  outreach, backpack buddies, bike fest outreach
44    Family Ministry Helping children  cope with death,  family mission trips, Faithful Families series.
46    Special Needs Helping kids through transitions, corral your runners,  surviving to thriving.
48    Discipline Q&A Developing preteen, stealing class suppies, hearing-impaired preschooler.
53    Leading Volunteers Out of ideas, video thank-yous, criminal categories, the art of short-term boosts, The Eric Trap
62    Big Church Hurts Is your “big church” guilty of practices that make kids think God and church are irrelevant to them?
68    The curriculator With our amazingly easy tool, you’ll take the guesswork out of curriculum  evaluation!
74    The Family Ministry Evolution If your title, role, or expectations have evolved from merely focusing on children’s ministry to a focus on families, this article is for you.

80    Kid Culture What you need to know about the top-3 cultural trends affecting kids today-and how to enhance  your ministry in ways to really reach kids.
86    Rx for zero-Margin Ministry
Find out how you can create a healthy ministry perspective that’ll ensure your longevity­ and spiritual health.
94    Off-the-Wall Recruiting If you’ve tried every tactic you can think of-and then some­ and still find yourself lacking volunteers, it’s time to think differently. Try these surprising recruiting ideas…from people who’ve had success with them and gotten volunteers!
100    Taking on the Child sex Trade Sex trafficking of children is an evil epidemic in our day and age. Jenny Williamson aims to make a difference.

104    Freedom Fest Celebrate freedom in Jesus with these ideas!


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